Café L'Oasis (Brazil)

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Fruity, Chocolate and Caramel
Perfectly balanced

Well balanced with a pronounced body, excellent aroma and moderate acidity. An excellent choice for espresso or filter coffees.

Region: Brazil (South Minas Gerais)
Species: Arabica (pure origin)
Farm: The Planalto Estate
Variety: Yellow Catuai & Mondo Novo
Natural with pulp
Food prepared in Quebec, Humaniterra Foundation and UTZ/Rainforest Alliance certified
Suggested Roast: Dark Brown (Espresso) or Medium Dark (Bold)
Suggested brew type: (all)


About planting
The Planalto Estate, "Planalto" means a high plateau, is a flat oasis in the heart of southern Minas Gerais surrounded by natural forests and strictly preserved vegetation, all contributing to the plantation's unique microclimate. The estate is managed by Sergio Mantovanni and his wife Mariza, who inherited the plantation from Mariza's father. Mechanical harvesting is done in multiple rounds to maximize the amount of ripe cherries picked. In addition, the quality of the beans is controlled at all stages of production, from planting to shipping. The estate even has its own processing center. Employees of the Planalto estate also enjoy a comprehensive benefits package as well as salaries above the regional average.

The plantation has 2,250 acres of land at elevations that range between 3,600 and 3,900 ft above sea level. 350 hectares of native forest and vegetation are strictly protected and 650 acres are set aside for planting and responsible coffee harvesting. Currently planted varieties - Mundo Novo and Yellow Catuai. Mechanical harvesting is done in two rounds to maximize the percentage of ripe cherries harvested. This system is much more efficient than the standard Brazilian practice of a single picking round. Up to 50% of the harvest is treated by the natural process with pulp. Domaine Planalto takes advantage of its own facilities to transform coffee cherries into top quality beans for export. Quality is controlled at all stages of production, from planting to harvesting, and from processing to shipping. The harvest takes place according to the degree of ripening of the cherries. Processing is monitored throughout by samples taken during operations such as drying and sorting.

A responsible culture

Being a UTZ/Rainforest Alliance certified plantation, liquid waste and coffee pulp are recycled. The coffee pulp is brought back to the plantation as a source of nutrients.

In addition, Domaine Planalto employees receive a comprehensive benefits package as well as salaries above the regional average. The Estate also provides them with protective equipment as well as extensive training on safety procedures.

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