Pura Vida Coffee (Costa Rica)

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Lemon, toasted walnuts and honey
Proudly Eco-Friendly

This stands out for the perfect balance between its good body and high acidity with good aromas of nuts and fruits.

Region: Costa Rica (Tarrazu)
Species: Arabica (Pure Origin)
Altitude: 1200-1900m
Variety: Caturra & Catuai
Process: Washed
Sieve: 16
Certification(s): Food prepared in Quebec and Humaniterra Foundation
Suggested Roast: Dark Brown (Espresso)
Type of infusion: (all) espresso, coffee maker on the oven, filter, French press, or percolator.


This coffee originates from the Tarrazu region located in the central valley, specifically in the coffee regions of Orosi and Tres Ríos. Resulting from its collaboration between several small responsible producers, this mixture proudly respects the environment. In harmony with the earth, its flavors are sweet, natural and with a minimal ecological footprint.

The beautiful landscapes of the Tarrazu region boast volcanic soils where ideal traditional methods are used for growing coffee, ensuring very high quality with every harvest.

Several small responsible producers form a cooperative and share the same respect for their land and the environment. They take all the necessary precautions to minimize their ecological footprint when processing coffee.

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