Cafe Le Funky (Indonesia)

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Intense body, spicy, notes of berries, pepper and curry
A burst and surprising coffee.

Its aroma has a unique flavor of democracy and freedom! Proudly grown by the peasants of the Coop, in a natural environment without insecticides or pesticides on rich volcanic soil surrounded by wild vegetation, this coffee is of a nobility that demands recognition.

Region: Flores Bajawa
Arabica (Pure Origin)
Process: Washed
Food prepared in Quebec, Humaniterra Foundation and UTZ/Rainforest Alliance certified
Suggested Roast: Dark Brown (espresso)
Type of infusion: (all) espresso, coffee maker on the oven, filter, French press, or percolator.

His history

(Told by Gilles Raymond, founder of the Otonomi program)
Flores Arabica coffee offers you more than just coffee. Its aroma has a unique flavor of democracy and freedom.

Living in the shadow of the ''Inerie'' volcano, in a string of villages struggling for life on the mountainside, the peasants of the island of Flores in Indonesia have traveled, for twenty years, a path which led from forced submission during 32 years of dictatorship to a new desire to collectively take charge of their own development. The year 2000 marked a turning point.

Before arriving at the café, it was first necessary to bring water to the villages. Without water, no development possible. Together, grouped under the banner of ''Program Otonomi'', we brought water to about forty communities, and it continues. Once the water arrived, this first victory won against the harshness of life was to lead to something else. Poverty is a curable disease. Where there was no school, a school was built; where there is only a path in the mountains, we have opened a road. Water is a vein that leads to the heart of men. Hope took on a human face.

In our peasant families, we quickly understood that the running water arriving in the village is not only for drinking and washing. We can now ''start'' from small tree seedlings, we have a rich volcanic soil, a climate and an altitude which together give the Arabica coffee of Flores a nobility which demands to be recognized. From hectare to hectare, working from one sunrise to the next, thirty families from the village of Watujaji have come together in a cooperative. The name they chose to give to their collective project: ''Sinar Tani'' / ''Lumière paysanne''. And while the puppets of the old days of the dictatorship have slipped in to try to force the sale of Arabica coffee from the peasants of Flores in a captive market, for the exclusive benefit of an Indonesian Company which claims to have the monopoly and all the rights , the “peasant light” of the small Coop in the village of Watujaji has just opened a breach in this wall.

Thanks to the support of ''Terra Café et Thé'' in Montreal, thanks to you on the other side of the world, thanks to the concern of Quebecers who love coffee and freedom, a small Coop of thirty families has managed to hold on, daring to think outside the box in order to open up a new path in the name of all the peasants of the island of Flores. At the end of the road, these coffee beans arrive at your home. It is worth specifying that the daily life of this region of Flores draws its inspiration from a wisdom inherited from the ancestors, being a ''matrilineal'' tribal culture, that is to say that here ' 'property belongs to women' and is transmitted from mother to daughter. So it is with our small coffee plantations.

This is the unique flavor of Arabica coffee from the island of Flores, a world to discover.

Gilles Raymond

founder of the Otonomi program

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