Le Cubain limited edition coffee

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Dark chocolate, smooth and intense
Limited edition

The fleshy body of a Caribbean coffee is distinguished by a rare combination of very intense aromas and a smooth texture as well as by the unmistakable presence of dark chocolate notes.

Region: Cuba (Guantanamo)

Species: Arabica (Pure Origin)
Altitude: 750m
Variety: Typicala
Process: Washed
Sieve: 13+
Certificate(s): Food prepared in Quebec and Humaniterra Foundation
Suggested Roast: Dark Brown (Espresso)
Suggested brew type : (all) espresso, oven-top coffee maker, filter, French press, or percolator.

The History of Cuban Coffee

The story behind Cuban coffee is worth telling. Cuban coffee has its origins in a coffee tree said to have been planted by a Spanish official visiting Cuba in the mid-18th century. It took nearly half a century for coffee production to take off. And this boom, the Cubans owe it to French settlers who came to settle in Cuba after fleeing Haiti during the Haitian revolution. The latter arrived with their wealth of experience in coffee growing and knew that the mountainous terrain would prove ideal for this culture.

About this cafe

Caracolillo coffee beans proliferate in the heart of Cuba in a soil rich in mica and quartz on the plateaus of the Escambray mountain range commonly known as the Crystal Mountains. The particular characteristics of this soil, the moderate climate and the frequent rains form an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of coffee. However, these small round grains reminiscent of peas only represent less than 2% of the region's total production. Cuba's humid climate, mild Atlantic winds and traditional production methods are the ideal ingredients for producing excellent coffee.

Their coffee culture

Rigorous control and the harmonious development of Cuban coffee plantations make it possible to treat this culture with great respect. Moreover, Cubans attach great importance to maintaining and expanding their method of natural cultivation. The Cuban territory being narrow, facilitates the circulation of the trade winds coming from the Atlantic Ocean. Coffee grows under the forest canopy in very rich humus soil. Cubans are very patriotic and enjoy life to the fullest; they take great pride in their work and their land. The quality of this Cuban coffee reflects this. The plantations are managed by state-owned cooperatives and the use of fertilizers is completely prohibited. The culture of coffee in Cuba is still carried out according to the most traditional methods, that is to say mainly by hand.

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