Café Le 21 (Trisomy 21)

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Fruity and refined, full of generosity
With aromas of cherries, peaches and wine!

This coffee offers the perfect body for filter, percolator and espresso coffees!

Region: Guatemala and Ethiopia

Species: Arabica
Certification(s): Food prepared in Quebec, Humaniterra Foundation and UTZ/Rainforest Alliance certified
Suggested Roast: Dark Brown (espresso)
Suggested type of infusion: (all) espresso, over-the-oven coffee maker, filter, French press or percolator.

Modeled on our values, our Le 21 coffee blend appeals with its simplicity and generous taste. On each mixture sold, an amount of $1 will be donated to the RT21 organization, which raises funds to promote the development of people with Down's syndrome.

Promoting their contribution within our society through our sale of coffee is particularly important to us.

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