Café L'Africain (Ethiopia)

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Refined, delicate, hibiscus and peach
For a fruity taste that packs a punch!

This natural process coffee offers an intense profile with fruity notes. An excellent choice for filter coffee or French press.

Region: Ethiopia (Kaffa)
Species: Arabica (Pure Origin)
Altitude: 1700-2000m
Farm: The family estate is located in the area of ​​Sheka, village of Anderacha.
Variety: 74110, 74140
Process : Washed
Sieve : 14-18
Certification (s): Food prepared in Quebec, Humaniterra Foundation and UTZ/Rainforest Alliance certified
Suggested Roast: Brown (medium) or Dark Brown (espresso)
Suggested Brew Type: Filter, French Press, or Percolator


This Anderacha coffee is among the best Arabica coffees in Ethiopia. It is produced in the Sheka Forest (a UNESCO-designated biosphere reserve) in a shade-grown, bird-friendly environment.

An intriguing characteristic of Anderacha coffee is its uniformity. Rarely do we see such consistency in bean shape, screen size, and roast uniformity. There is no doubt that excellent harvesting and sorting protocols contribute to these qualities.

The estate covers a total of 276 hectares, including 237 hectares in coffee plantation. In an effort to maintain the local ecology and biodiversity, the plantation left 39 hectares under forest and as a buffer zone for waterways, while the remaining 8 hectares were set aside for infrastructure.

The plantation uses exclusively hand picking of ripe cherries, ensuring that only the finest kernels reach the customer. It is also equipped with a modern processing facility located on site ensuring that the fresh cherries are processed to the highest standards and in an environmentally friendly condition. Then the milling, cleaning, sorting and grading takes place in Addis Ababa.

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