The campsite cafe

Discover the best techniques for making your coffee outdoors!!

Here are some techniques and tools to make your coffee a success even when camping!

The first coffee in the morning... Let's be honest, for most people, this is a moment of relaxation in the national routine. For many, it is even one of the best times of the day!

1. French press

For a complete infusion of the coffee beans. This French press allows you to extract the maximum flavor for a rich and velvety coffee. To prepare your coffee, put the desired amount of coffee in the carafe. Pour boiling water into the carafe and stir. Let the coffee sit for four minutes. When the four minutes have elapsed, press the plunger and push it to the bottom of the carafe. This will force the coffee grounds to the bottom of the carafe. Your coffee is now ready to serve.

2. Italian coffee maker

''Authentic espresso and legendary design.''

It has 2 receptacles that are screwed on top of each other. In the lower one, we put the cold water and we insert the filter in which we add the coffee. The principle of operation is simple: the coffee maker is placed on the ring of the stove or on a heat source. The water in the lower tank heats up. Once pressure is reached, water is pushed through the ground coffee and fills the top receptacle. For best results, the grind of the mixture should not be too fine and the heat should be low. To wash, simply rinse with warm water. Do not put in the dishwasher. Not suitable for induction hobs.

3. Percolator

The percolator is a great way to brew coffee for more people. To use, light a fire and measure a tablespoon for each cup of coffee (add a little more if you like strong coffee!) Put the coffee in the metal filter. Then fill the lower part of the percolator with water and screw the upper part into it. Put the coffee pot on the fire and let it boil. Once the color of the bubbles turns dark, the coffee is ready.

You are now ready to face the difficulties of preparing your coffee while camping!!