100% fair trade coffee

Café Le Torréfacteur is a company that prioritizes 100% fair trade coffee.

For us, it is a great pride to be able to offer our customers a coffee bean from ethical and sustainable plantations.


Fair trade allows coffee farmers to increase their income and thus support their families.

Many conventional coffee producers do not earn enough money to meet their basic needs... This is why it is essential for us to opt for a 100% ethical bean.

80% of coffee production relies on small producers. Not cultivating large enough volumes to export their products directly, small producers are often forced to sell their crops to intermediaries!

In addition, coffee producers are extremely vulnerable to climate change. Rising temperatures have a devastating effect on crops, in addition to encouraging the formation of diseases affecting coffee trees, such as coffee rust.

Fair trade promotes sustainable agricultural development. Organized in cooperatives, small producers are no longer isolated. They can rely on their organization to identify the issues, resources and strategies needed to act together!