How do I make my homemade cold brew?

You have probably already asked the question:

How could I make a good homemade cold brew?

The benefits of making YOUR homemade cold brew:

  • Less expensive than a drink already prepared in supermarkets
  • Tailor-made to your taste (you determine the desired intensity)
  • Healthier (no added sugar)

The recipe we offer:

  • Your favorite coffee beans, we offer you: Le Rift du Café Le Torréfacteur
  • 1 cup ground coffee
  • An infusion coffee maker: the French press coffee maker, style, bodum
  • 3 cups cold water
  • 1 oz 10% coffee cream
  • Coconut sugar , to your taste
  • Ice cream (optional)

Unlike many caffeinated beverages infused with hot, cold brew as for him, is infused cold! (Where does the name ''cold brew'' come from)

This technique is not known to everyone, yet this type of frozen drink is popular for many!

This method consists of preparing your drink with cold water and then leaving the infusion for a few hours (12 to 36 hours, depending on your taste) if you let your coffee infuse longer, it will give you a more full-bodied drink. and intense on the palate.

Depending on the coffee beans you select to make your brew recipe, you will get a differenttaste experience.

As soon as your infusion is ready, you can add your milk or your favorite sugar, here we recommend coconut sugar , it will bring a refined taste to your drink. For more freshness, you can add a few ice cubes !

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