What is roasting and which one to choose?

Roasting is the cooking of the coffee bean. Grain color is determined by cooking time. The darker it is, the more it is cooked. During cooking, the aromas can take on all sorts of notes, such as wine or lemon.

We opt for slow roasting, between 20 and 30 minutes for each roast, in order to maximize the aromas of each bean. The taste of the coffee will also vary depending on the cooking time.

The longer the grain is roasted, the fuller it will be, with more woody and smoky notes.

Here are the 4 types of roasting offered at Le Torréfacteur:

Roasting tablets

Blond (light)

A roast for a trendy coffee, but not ideal for some types of coffee.

Brown (medium)

This level of roast is a light and delicate with a slight bitterness. The grain gets a nice color and will please many.

Dark brown (espresso)

The dark brown roast is a safe bet, it is the one we prefer. This roast offers a tastier coffee, without any bitterness. The one where the grain is at its best. ideal for all types of infusion. Excellent for espressos and lattes as well as for filter coffee.

Medium black (full-bodied)

An ideal degree of roast for those who like a very full-bodied, woody and smoky coffee.

*Not recommended for automatic machines as it will be more oily.

*Choice of roaster

No matter the type of coffee, the roaster will prepare the best roast for your choice of coffee. Trust him, he will surprise you.

You can choose the one you prefer. But we strongly recommend the roaster one. The roaster will roast the grain at its best. Each coffee offers different particularities. Let your roaster choose the perfect bean roast for your coffee of choice and enjoy an intoxicating experience for your taste buds.

The fresher the coffee is consumed, the more delicious and full of aromas it will be.