Which coffee grind to choose and what is its importance?

The grind plays an important role in the consumption of coffee, as much for its appearance, its crema (smooth foam) as its taste. There are several types of grinds depending on the type of coffee maker you like to use. The fresher the grind, the more you will optimize your coffee tasting experience.

Ground coffee tends to oxidize and quickly lose its aromas. The ideal is to grind your coffee as you go, to optimize the drinking experience. The fresher it is, the smoother and thicker the crema will be.

We recommend having your own bean grinder to maximize your morning experience and enjoy the exquisite flavors of fresh coffee with every cup!

Here are some tips for choosing the right grind.

Tip: When in doubt, go for a coarser grind, that way your grind will still give a good result in your coffee cup.

Turkish style (extra fine)

Turkish coffee requires an extra-fine powder, used for the preparation of Turkish coffee.

Its size will be similar to powdered sugar.


Espresso (very fine)

The espresso grind is a very fine powder, it is not suitable for all espresso machines, used by manual electric espresso machines or with the Aeropress, which require a very fine grind. If you use a Breville, De'Longhi or Saeco type machine, be aware that some models may not be suitable for this type of grind. When in doubt, opt for the Breville, De'Longhi or Saeco grind which is slightly coarser, but has a fine grind.

Its size will be that of a very fine grain of sand.

Italian coffee maker (thin)

Moka coffee maker, Italian or on the oven, it requires a fine grind.

Its size will be similar to a grain of table salt.

Breville, some De'Longhi and Saeco (fine)

(any other machine that tends to clog)

The most popular grind for manual espresso machines such as Breville, De'Longhi and Saeco. Some coffee makers tend to clog when the ground grain is too fine (espresso). It is therefore preferable to select this version.

A grind halfway between espresso and filter.

Its size will be similar to a grain of table salt.

Filter (medium)

The most popular grind for paper or basket filter coffee makers. The classic filter coffee maker is used with a medium-fine grind.

Its size is comparable to that of a grain of sea salt.

Plunger french press (Bodum) (coarse)

A French Press or French press coffee maker, which others call Bodum. A fairly coarse grind, to allow the coffee grounds to stay at the bottom of the coffee maker.

Percolator (very coarse)

Percolator type coffee maker for large formats 50 to 100 cups. A coarse grind will be used to avoid finding coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup.

Its size is slightly bigger than the piston one. The grain is like small bread crumbs.