Humaniterra Certification

Each of our coffees is carefully selected.

Proudly certified Humaniterra, all our coffee beans are chosen according to their ecological and economic footprint.

Originally from Montreal, the Humaniterra Foundation was set up by a company that has been working in coffee for 40 years, with the aim of establishing new quality standards in the coffee and tea industries. Through this initiative, a portion of their income has been donated to non-profit humanitarian organizations to encourage sustainable development, improving the living conditions of farmers, their families and communities while protecting the environment.

By buying our products, you not only make us happy, but you encourage local while ensuring the well-being of your community and those of the farmers who harvest the beans of our exceptional coffees for you.

The Humaniterra Foundation has made it possible to send many products to Cuba

medical facilities (dentist chairs, hospital beds, etc.) as well as purchased several UTZ certifications for growers who could not afford it.

Also concerned about issues that affect our own community, they work with Canadian organizations such as Maison du Père, Mada, Club des Petits Déjeuners and the Canadian Red Cross to help children, the elderly and the homeless. shelters.