5 alcoholic coffee recipes for the holiday season

As the holidays approach, you'll probably want to offer a few drink specials to your guests. And what better option than alcoholic coffee? Coffee is a great choice for keeping you up and going with festive desserts, while alcohol helps ward off the winter cold. However, most people only know one recipe for alcoholic coffee: Irish coffee. That is why in this article we are going to give you five innovative alcoholic coffee recipes to surprise your loved ones.

1. White Russian

white russian drink

This alcoholic coffee is quite popular and can work as an appetizer as well as a dessert. To prepare this one, you therefore need vodka, heavy cream and a coffee liqueur, such as Kahlua.

The White Russian alcoholic coffee recipe is therefore quite simple: add vodka and coffee liqueur to a glass, usually two ounces of vodka and one ounce of coffee liqueur for one glass. Then add the ice cream and heavy cream.

Then, mix vigorously to obtain the creamy texture characteristic of this coffee with alcohol. And There you go ! Just serve it and you will have delicious cold coffee with alcohol.

2. Spanish Coffee

Spanish coffee is a very popular alcoholic coffee , which is why we offer you its recipe. So you will need rum, triple sec, fine sugar, coffee liqueur and your favorite freshly brewed coffee .

Next, add a teaspoon of sugar to a plate. Then wet the glass so that the sugar adheres to the edge of the glass. Then add the rum and the triple sec.

The next step is perhaps the most complicated in this alcoholic coffee . You need to take a lighter or a long match and light both the edge and the inside. The idea is that the sugar begins to caramelize. To extinguish the flame, add the coffee liqueur and finally add the hot coffee.

3. Carajillo

Carajillo is an alcoholic coffee well known in Spanish-speaking countries. It is generally used as a digestive drink after the meal, ideal for the big festive dinners which are approaching.

For this you only need coffee, prepared in espresso and Licor 43, a Spanish liqueur. So you just have to take your favorite coffee to prepare the espresso. In this case, we recommend Brazilian coffee .

After the espresso, add the Licor 43 and the ice. Don't forget to stir the drink and you will get a delicious cold coffee.

4. Espresso Negroni

Espresso Negroni

This alcoholic coffee preparation will delight you with its elegance and robust flavor. For this one you need gin, sweet vermouth, campari, orange peel and espresso. For this espresso, you can also use Brazilian coffee, which is famous for its taste.

Then take two glasses with ice. First, add the gin, vermouth and campari. In the other, add the espresso. Shake each glass.

In a third glass, add the blended liqueur, then the espresso at room temperature. Finally, just add a little orange juice and put the zest in decoration on the edge of the glass.

5. Bushwacker Drink

Finally, if you really want to surprise your guests with an alcoholic coffee dessert , you should try the classic Bushwacker. For this one, you need to have old rum, coffee liqueur, cocoa cream, milk and coconut cream.

In a blender, add all the ingredients and ice. The idea is to create a kind of milkshake, thick and sweet. Then add the result to a tall glass.

You can garnish with ground nutmeg or some cherries.

We hope this article will be useful for you to learn more about alcoholic coffee preparations, if you want to know more about coffee and its uses, you can visit our blog . We particularly recommend our article " Coffee grounds and their many uses ".