Camellia Sinensis infusion tea bottle

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Here's a surprisingly simple, practical infusion container designed for people who want to drink tea on the go. This bottle is made of double-walled glass with an airtight lid and a removable stainless steel filter. It lets you choose to steep your tea leaves using whatever technique you find most convenient at the time.

Technique #1

"Chinese style": keep the leaves in the bottle

- Heat the inside of the bottle with hot water for a few seconds.

- Remove the infuser, place the tea at the bottom of the flask (1 to 2 teaspoons, depending on the type of tea selected) and replace the strainer.

- Pour water at the recommended temperature. Wait a few minutes and enjoy.

This brewing technique ensures that the tea is steeped continuously. To avoid a too full-bodied infusion, it is recommended to add more water at the right temperature after drinking about half of the infusion. Almost any tea can be made this way. Only very finely chopped teas do not give good results.

Technique n°2

Controlled infusion

- Heat the inside of the bottle with hot water for a few seconds.

- Remove the basket part of the infuser and place the tea leaves in the basket before replacing the mesh strainer.

- Install the infuser in the bottle and pour the water at the recommended temperature.

- Leave to infuse for the necessary time, remove the infuser and enjoy.

This preparation technique is suitable for all types of tea and allows you to control the evolution of the infusion to your taste.