Coffee grounds and their many uses

Coffee grounds are one of our best allies in our daily lives!

Find out why right here:

1. A good fertilizer for your plants  : Just mix it with your soil for your garden or vegetable patch seedlings. Rest assured, the grounds are no longer acidic once you have extracted your morning drink.

2. Keep small animals away from your garden  : Small animals that come to eat your flowers or your cucumbers do not like the smell of coffee grounds in general. So you can put some in your garden from time to time to repel them without chemicals!

3. Domestic compost  : If you make domestic compost for your small plantation, put your coffee grounds in it!

4. Freshen odors from your fridge  : This is a great way to replace your little box of baking soda. Just put some in a small open jar and you're done! When you make the switch, throw the old coffee grounds into your municipal compost.

5. Scrub greasy dishes  : It is a very good scouring agent to remove what has stuck in the pan.

6. Natural scrub for your skin  : Did you know that most of the scrubs you find in drugstores are made of plastic microbeads? It's like exfoliating your skin with an oil component and it all ends up in our water. And no, it's not biodegradable. So you can use your coffee grounds as a natural exfoliator!

*Tip: If you want to use it to exfoliate your face, espresso or finer ground coffee will be less abrasive on your cheeks.

7. Reduce dark circles under the eyes  : Moisten slightly, put some under your eyes and relax for a few minutes. It will do you good!

8. Anti cellulite  : Lightly moistened or mixed with coconut oil, rub gently where you have cellulite. After a while, you will find your skin a little smoother.

*Tip: Dry your coffee grounds before putting them in a container. Otherwise, they will develop mold and will only be good for compost.