How to recycle jute bags?

Looking for burlap coffee sacks for a DYI project, to cover your shrubs in the winter, to store dry beans or other fun projects?

Get yours here!

All of our authentic jute bags are sourced directly from coffee plantations around the world. Each with its own design and branding, they can be used extensively for a variety of projects.

Here are some ideas for you!

1. Turn them into a reusable bag for shopping or a tote bag

2. Use them to store dried beans in your garden.

3. Do you have various DIY interior design projects in mind? They will do wonders.

4. Cover your shrubs with burlap sacks in winter. They will be in much better shape in the spring.

5. Use them for stuffing mattresses and or cushions.

6. Ideal for keeping vegetables cool in winter.

7. Use them to cover your plant pots.

8. Use them to create a frame in the house.

9. Use them for preserving and apple picking.

10. They can also help with roof insulation.