7 tips for preparing a good espresso coffee

Are you interested in preparing an espresso ? This can be a difficult task, especially if you don't have barista skills. That's why in this article we present 7 basic tips to prepare the best espresso , even if you are a beginner. Take note !

1- Clean the espresso machine

To maintain a beautiful image and minimize dirt buildup, it is important to clean the machine, especially the parts where it must come into contact with the coffee beans. This will allow it to function properly when in use, and will also allow you to retain the great flavor and aroma of your espresso .

Be careful not to use too many cleaning solutions and detergents in your coffee machine, as this can cause problems. Also, don't clean every cup of espresso , it's recommended to clean every 90 cups.

2- The best espresso coffee bean

The best espresso coffee bean

The key to getting the best espresso coffee is selecting the right coffee bean. Of course, there are a wide variety of beans, including Italian, South American, organic, and more. However, the most popular is Arabica coffee.

If you need to get the best espresso coffee beans , you can opt for this Le Shortcut espresso coffee. It enjoys an excellent reputation and is suitable for all palates. Prepare the best cup of espresso with this strong, spicy and creamy option.

3- Using the filter holder

The portafilter is the essential tool for obtaining an accurate measurement of the quantity of coffee to be used. This will allow you to achieve the perfect proportions for your espresso or coffee .

When using the portafilter, be sure to clean it regularly and make sure the size matches your machine. Second, when stacking the ground beans, you need to spread them evenly to improve the consistency of the espresso . Finally, firmly tamp the beans to reduce air pockets in the coffee.

4- Use of the ladder

As mentioned above, the right proportion makes for a good cup of espresso coffee . That is why, to make a good measurement and check the coffee yield, it is necessary to use the scale. In this way, we check that the espresso is neither too strong nor too light.

5- Filtered water

The taste of an espresso is also determined by the quality of the water. It is not recommended to use tap water, as it can contain many impurities that will eventually harm people's health.

Your espresso machine therefore needs a filter. They will help improve the taste of your coffee and add extra thickness to your cup of espresso.

6- Correct evaporation of milk

Good coffee definition is complemented by good milk evaporation. Many people like the combination of espresso and milk. It is therefore important to know how to obtain a correct infusion.

Getting the perfect boiling point isn't always easy. However, the first thing to do is to look for skimmed milk. Second, never let it overheat, as this will prevent the loss of nutritional values.

7- Relationship between water and coffee

Finally, try to keep a balance between the proportion of water to use with the espresso. So you will know how much strength you need to give the essence. For example, you can use 1g of coffee with 3ml of espresso . However, the proportions can vary according to personal preferences.

Prepare the best espresso coffee with Café Le Torréfacteur

Prepare the best espresso coffee

Now that you have 7 essential tips for preparing your espresso , what are you waiting for to try this delicious drink? At Cáfe Le Torréfacteur , we offer you the best espresso coffee beans , in different varieties so you can choose your favorite.

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