benefits of green tea

If I'm talking about a hot drink that has multiple benefits for the human body... Which product are you thinking of?

Probably green tea . Café Le Torréfacteur has several options for you.

Did you know ? It takes five years to get the very first harvest of tea from a new tea plant! Subsequently, the tea plant can be harvested season by season , each year.

The origin of green tea:

The history of tea in Asia is ancestral!

In the 220-280s during the Three Kingdoms period in China, the first writings described tea as a drink.

Today, the various brands of teas are developing, this beverage has become renowned worldwide across our planet.

Some benefits of green tea :

Rich in catechin : It would contribute to the prevention of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, cavities and helps to neutralize viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

A fat burner : Green tea contains theine, an active principle of the caffeine family which promotes lipolysis (fat burning).

An excellent diuretic : these disinfiltrating properties promote the elimination of waste and toxins by the kidneys.

The power of ''anti-stress'' : the theine contained in tea helps to effectively neutralize the harmful effects of stress.

Rich in amino acids : relaxing properties and contributes to the prevention of senility.

Rich in vitamin A : antioxidant properties and helps prevent cancer.

Rich in vitamin B : prevent angular cheilitis* and powerful antioxidant.

*Perleche is an irritation of the corner of the lips. Indeed, when one suffers from angular cheilitis, the commissure of the lips becomes very red and dry.*

Rich in vitamin C : beneficial for the skin, it also helps prevent the flu and relieves stress.

Rich in vitamin E : helps slow down the effects of cellular aging.

Now that you know the essential benefits of green tea , what are you waiting for to try this delicious drink? At Café Le Torréfacteur , we offer different varieties of green tea.

You can contact us to find out about our diversity of coffee products, teas, sweet collection , cleaning materials, among others, that may be of interest to you. You can also visit us at 2653, route Lagueux, local 5 Lévis, G6J1B6, it will be our pleasure to serve you!

- From the entire Café Le Torréfacteur team