The Shortcut Espresso Coffee

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Intense body, caramel and nuts

Lying, latte or however you want
A full-bodied, tangy and creamy espresso coffee!

Region: South America
Arabica and Robusta
Food prepared in Quebec, Humaniterra Foundation and UTZ/Rainforest Alliance certified
Suggested Roast: Dark Brown (espresso) or Medium Dark (full-bodied)

Suggested brew type: Espresso

Its reputation is well established: the espresso seduces practically all palates. Discover our Italian complementary coffee suggestion, ideal for lovers of lattes, cappuccinos or long drinks.

Try our organic coconut sugar which contains more vitamins and minerals than refined white sugar and has a lower glycemic index, making it the perfect alternative. Its taste is similar to brown sugar which offers delicious notes of caramel. Perfect for baking and/or sweetening your coffee.

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